Sunday , November 17 2019
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On the surface of blue giants discovered waves

Experimental verification of these predictions has involved space telescope TESS. Blue giants – large stars whose mass is 10-20 times higher than solar. The brightness exceed the sun in tens of thousands of times, so it is not surprising that the fusion fuel these stars for long enough – their …

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The meteorite fell on a house in Costa Rica

The fall of the meteorite weighing 1.1 kg occurred on April 23. Scientists from Costa Rica confirmed that the cosmic body that fell on one of the houses in the province of Alajuela in the North, was a meteor or what’s left of it after passing the dense layers of …

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An eyewitness filmed the abnormal storm cloud

A cloud hung low over the road. In early April of this year I was in an unknown part of the globe is made of unique video through the windshield of the car. So video is clearly visible the little storm cloud that hung incredibly low over the road. Inside …

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