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A custom to share food

Обычай делиться пищей

In those hungry days the boys was the custom to share food is to give birras. I believe that this ritual had a Muslim origin, and the word comes from a mixture Azerbaijani: bir (one) and Russian time, and signified the transfer is approximately times to give a bite. And have done so. In advance of the benefactor was announced barrese. Interested ran and beggars, holding out his hand palm up standing in a circle, repeatedly, monotonously shouting: let birras. Waited for every last one of them.

After ascertaining a quorum Benefactor was first birras of two or three people. This queue is determined by personal sympathies, gratitude or claims on patronage. The rest went in the second turn, where the sequence was determined collectively, a hierarchy of power: who will give, that is, from a position of strength. After the full sequence, giving broke (slept, cast) half, next took her half, i.e. a quarter of the whole, next – ounces and so on until crumb (seeds, drops).

This binary system permitted legal and not offensive to make the necessary inequalities of the carve-up. Only once I remember a misunderstanding at hand, they divided someone’s sunflower cake: physically it was hard to break it properly solid pieces.
Mother often gave me sandwiches for birras. This is in addition to charity softened relations with stronger guys

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